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The course that was offered and the way it was taught was absolutely wonderful and everybody that wants to start a business absolutely needs to take this business plan course. What a difference between the way I run a business and the way my friends who did not take this course run theirs.

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Your Path provides the tools, guidance and experience to help you realize your business or career objectives.

Infinite Possibilities Realized

You will be amazed at how you can achieve your professional goals and maintain the work/life balance your family deserves.

Whether you are opening or running a business, making a career change, or hoping to be considered for the next big promotion in your current job, the key to success lies within your grasp.  Your Path has captured, with crystal clear simplicity and coloured with real life examples, each step in the process of turning your great ideas into the unique and fulfilling reality that you desire.

The common path begins with discovering your passion; learning how to embrace it and how to utilize your strengths and weaknesses to customize your plan of action.  Once sculpted, refined, researched, analysed and supported with expert advice, you will be ready to follow your path with confidence.  The potential pitfalls and opportunities will be identified.

At Your Path we are ready to help you get there.  Following an innovative formula, carefully crafted to include Personal Development, Planning, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance, Administration and Training, you will be provided the template with the direction to start your professional resume or corporate business plan.  Getting it right is our passion. Seminars are designed to permit you to realize your path!  Attend our seminars and discover how.

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